Gold AC Club

Central AC Maintenance Club - Gold

As a Gold Member you are guaranteed Gold Scheduling Priority, a FREE precision tune-up each year, 40% discounted labor on repairs, FREE diagnostic service, Gold maintenance schedule, and 45 minutes per month open maintenance schedule.%0A%0AOpen Maintenance Schedule for household maintenance includes the following list of items:%0A%0A· Refrigerator Coil Cleaning%0A%0A· Microwave Filter Cleaning%0A%0A· Dryer Duct Cleaning%0A%0A· Bathroom Duct Cleaning%0A%0A· Light Painting%0A%0A· Repair of sliding door castors%0A%0A· Replacing Light Bulbs%0A%0A· Replacing Batteries in Smoke Detectors%0A%0A· Installing Smoke/Carbon-Monoxide/Radon Detectors%0A%0A· LED Light Bulb Conversion%0A%0A· Cleaning Solar Panels%0A%0A· Lighting Pilot Lights%0A%0A· Changing Filters (AC, Water, Pool, …)%0A%0A· Rust and Corrosion rehabilitation and prevention%0A%0A· Other …%0A%0AMaterials and parts%0A%0ABilled at cost plus a minimum 32% up charge (items where an entire package must be purchased but only a portion is used will be sold at the partial value plus a 60% up charge)%0ATerms & Conditions%0AMonthly program, payment is for an entire year. One Air Handler Unit and one outside condenser is included in this deal.%0A%0AMaintenance services will be scheduled monthly and in advance. %0A%0AOpen household maintenance items must be scheduled in advance to ensure there is adequate time allowed for AC maintenance and household maintenance.

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