Net Profits DVD set

Boxed set of ten 1-hr internet marketing workshops

This is a professionally produced, 5 DVD boxed set containing 10 one-hour workshops on Internet marketing. It is sponsored by the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, The Pikes Peak Library District and CityStar Group, Inc. It features prominent Internet entrepreneurs Artie Romero, Kevin Kearns and Rich Carrera explaining how to boost your website’s ranking in the search engines, and other techniques that can make your online business more successful. It’s also very useful for promoting websites about brick and mortar businesses.

‘Net Profit$

Artie Romero; Kevin Kearns; Rich Carrera; CityStar Group, Inc.

A ten-part workshop on how to increase profits online.

Cost: $99.00

10 one-hour programs on 5 DVDs.
Disc 1: Start your Engines
The Google Paradigm
Disc 2: Cyber Referrals
Secrets of Successful REALTORS online
Disc 3: Spruce up your Site
How to Choose your Keywords
Disc 4: E-mail Marketing
On-line Advertising/Pay per Click
Disc 5: E-commerce
Convert Clicks to Sales

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Watch this on your TV or computer! Extra bonus features require a Windows or Macintosh computer with DVD-ROM drive and Internet access.

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USD 99.00
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